Hello and welcome to my website. 

My name is Roly and along with my friends Rosy, Rory and Roxy, I would like to help you to teach your children how to help us and to nurture us with this series of books.

Thank you for your help!


After self publishing Roly and friends in March 2020, people seemed to love them from the start! By December 2020, we were approached by DK Books who then took them over!

This is way beyond our wildest dreams!

DK Books have greatly improved our books and have recently re released Roly and Rory in the UK. Rosy and Roxy will be re released in April 2022. All 4 books will also be released in America in April 2022.

There was a launch event at Waterstones in our home town of Newcastle for Roly and Rory.


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