How can I help

'How Can I help' is a series of early learning books written to teach young children how to Help the wildlife in their gardens.

I was inspired to write these books by my love of the wildlife in my own garden. I started helping Hedgehogs a few years ago after watching a programme on TV with Brian May, who told me that Hedgehogs were heading for extinction in this country! I felt compelled to do something, and so we built a Hedgehog shelter where they come to eat and sleep.

So as a result, I am giving 10% of all earnings from Roly to Project Amazing Grace which is part of Brian Mays Save Me Trust. 

I also put video footage from my garden on my Facebook page so that children (and adults) can see my hedgehogs and other wildlife that I look after. 

Frances Rodgers



"Superb and informative children's wildlife books"

Chris Packham

We are now stocking Seedballs for sale.

They are the perfect gift for children who can grow plants for pollinators and watch them grow and they can see how they are helping the wildlife in their gardens.

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